Product owners – not sure how to get that insight? Well, there’s a web-app for that.

“How do we get the insights we need?” heard that question asked of yourself or in your own head? The Research Picker tool was designed to help you answer these questions.

uxpicker-screen-grabAs a business or product owner, you want to build the best product experience for your users. You know you need to run user research, but sometimes it’s not always crystal clear the type of research you need to execute.

The Research Picker tool, helps you sift through the spectrum of user research methods available and quickly narrow your choices down, based around the type of insight you’re looking for.

Launch UX Eng Research Picker (Opens in a new window)

It’s designed to take as many or as few criteria you specify, and return a shortlist you can use to investigate further around your product insight goals.


Please remember – this tool is designed to inform and guide product teams to think more about research approaches; it’s not a replacement for a carefully crafted research plan by dedicated user researchers.

Improvements are in the pipeline

This initial release is pretty basic, and in true agile fashion I plan to continually update the tool, and add some richer features. I’ve released the project on github so feel free to extend, improve and mash-it all up as you see fit.

I enjoyed building this tool, it gave me an opportunity to get really hands-on again with some front-end development, and for those that do tinker with the code – you might notice I built things in non-standard ways to play about with Foundation 6, some new ES6 features and do some low-level bit manipulation 😉 [in case you’re wondering why I used bit-sets].

All the details about the tool and more are in the Research Picker tool home page.