About me

You’ve arrived at this page because you’re most likely wondering who’s responsible for writing these infernal blog posts.

Well, I have over 21 years of professional experience in the technology industry as both a software engineer, user experience architect and more recently a product owner. Over the course of my career i’ve freelanced for a number of world-class organisations including but not limited to Apple, the BBC, Coursera, Argos, Aviva, Virgin Media, Cognizant, Waitrose and MasterCard. I’ve also poured blood, sweat and tears into running my own education technology start-up, and worked with the Emerge Education Accelerator in aiding a number of their cohorts.

In a nutshell, I enjoy the challenge of identifying and solving real-world problems that involve both elements of technology and human interaction; then building simple yet elegant design solutions to these. I’m an advocate of truly inclusive and accessible design, and believe everyone should have a great product experience regardless of their ability.

I’m currently a Product Designer at Coursera, and a founding member of the organisations’ accessibility guild.