Using UX psychology to build healthy work habits and reduce anxiety

As home has transformed into a workplace for millions of people, applying UX thinking can help keep it a healthy place to live and work. Lockdown life can be tiresome, especially as we continue to crave access to the physical world and a return to our families and social groups. The digital devices we use […]

Five ways the corona lockdown impacts UX

User norms are always evolving, but the corona lockdown has put change into overdrive — as UX designers we need to account for this in our design thinking. Self-isolation, social distancing, face masks, rigorous hand washing rituals and communicating with friends and family exclusively via video conference are just some of the ways societal norms […]

What can we do to humanise our “user experiences”?

How one book gave me better perspective on human experience design. Having just finished reading “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” by Shoshana Zuboff, I feel like my eyes have been opened that little wider and the tech world won’t quite look the same again. The text is a tour de force thought provoking analysis of […]

3 Recent dark pattern implementations you have probably missed

In the wrong hands UX can be a dark art. I’ve rounded up three recent experiences that have got under my skin. Everyday we unwittingly encounter dozens of systems designed to sub-consciously nudge us into taking actions we wouldn’t naturally do, but are mainly there to benefit the system masters – these are anti-patterns or […]

There’s a problem with the latest emoji additions, and it’s only going to get worse 😥

With over 3,178 emojis and 168 new ones just added in the latest release, of the ubiquitous Unicode pictogram collection – there is a major problem looming, categorisation. Ever tried finding an emoji these days, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially if you’re trying to find that elusive emoji you’re pretty certain […]

Product owners – not sure how to get that insight? Well, there’s a web-app for that.

“How do we get the insights we need?” heard that question asked of yourself or in your own head? The Research Picker tool was designed to help you answer these questions. As a business or product owner, you want to build the best product experience for your users. You know you need to run user […]

Are you inadvertently creating unethical products?

As UXers, we’re here to champion the user in our projects, but do we really champion the user’s needs? Within our product teams we strive to create great user experiences, typically we test out new concepts with our users, observe their behaviour, consolidate the data and use the insights to push the needle ever further […]

Experience Design Masterclass: Disneyland vs Legoland

Last year we visited two theme parks with the kids, Disneyland Paris and Legoland Windsor. Cue a blog post on dissecting the theme park experiences, how the detail really matters and some of the great service design elements that have been deployed to maximise fun and reduce tedium. Before we go further in my opinion […]